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We are holding our bee course on the 10 FEB | 3 Mar. Any beginner beekeepers are welcome! Register now for our full day bee course with 60min open hive inspection experience!


If you're looking for professionally made bee hives you can find them at Beehives dot coza .


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Bee course details:

Our bee course is specifically targetted for beginners wanting to start beekeeping. Bee info is usually quite a niche subject matter. Keeping bees is usually a family affair and any bee info is passed down from father to son so to speak. If the son decides not to continue keeping bees then the bee info and knowledge disappears. That's where we come in.

Bee course Deck near Lanseria Airport

We've developed an easy bee keeping course for anyone to learn about beekeeping and actually experience a LIVE Practical session with a working bee hive for at least an hour. You will spend at least 90 minutes at one of our apiary sites where we keep about 3 beehives. How to keep bees is an art learnt from father to son in Europe. You can start bee keeping anytime.

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Copies of the blue book or beekeeping in South Africa bee book are available at the bee course for R360 per copy. This act as as a reference guide for you post the bee course. It is the bible of beekeeping.

Find out more about bee courses ... email us or call on 083 308 0042. It costs R850 per person for a full day training including lunch and 90 min working with live bee colonies in our Apiary!

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Overview of the industry in South Africa.

Biology of the Honeybee

Basic Beekeeping Equipment


Beginning Beekeeping



Beeswax and other products of the hive:

Practical LIVE Demonstration:

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Easy Buzzing Bee Course OR

Call to make a booking on 012 771 4288 | 083 308 0042 NOW.


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