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Bee Hive News

The bee hive made beekeeping manageable as before the advent of the bee hive, bee colonies would be raided for their golden liquid and usually the colony would be destroyed in the process. This created the need for a manageable method to keep bees, transport them and harvest honey from them without causing damage or destruction to the bee colony.

Not much has changed with regards to the Langstroth design in the last century other than the introduction of innovations such as plastic frames, plastic queen excluders and the like. These are merely modifications of the base design. The Jackson bee hive brings new concepts and a change in approach as to the management and internal workings of the bee colony. Let's elaborate for you!

Plastic Frames

Voila! It didn't take too long for someone to finally replace (note of sarcasm) the wooden bee hive frame with its wire and eyelets and staples and nails. I have not had the incling to test or try the new innovation of plastic frames but I have seen and touched them and they look okay. I still prefer the Jackson hive design of frame which uses wood still but needs no nails and doesn't make use of frame wire...

No-Wire, No-Nails Frames

Actually, there was a fundamental innovation in design of bee hive frames when the Jackson Hive was developed in South Africa. The Jackson family has been involved in Organic farming and Beekeeping for decades. Obviously the two industries go hand-in-hand with each other however the Jackson Beehive has had an uphill battle in South Africa. There are no easy ways to change people's perception of the monopolised design of the Langstroth. So the Jackson beehive went north of the border and is implemented across central Africa especially in humid forests by the thousands.

The beauty of the innovative Jackson bee hive frame is that it uses no nails and no frame wire. You can insert your own frame wire if you really want to but the bees build their comb right to the side bars. The Jackson beehive frame is designed to strengthen the joins so that the frame hardly ever comes apart like the Langstroth beehive's frame. Take a look at the Jackson Beehive now...

The Jackson hive is no longer available as the supplier is out of stock and will not be replenishing it. Unfortunately, since Tim Jackson passed away the stock has dwindled and it appears the Jackson hive will no longer be continued to be supported by the reamining family until further notice.




There is massive movement afoot by governments funding projects involving new beekeeping development and businesses centred around keeping bees. The reason? Food security is a major issue and bees pollinate about 70% of our crops.

You can get involved and start beekeeping too! It doesn't cost much to get going. You need a handful of bee supplies and beekeeping tools to get you started. Once you have these basic tools and bee supplies it's simply a matter of how many bee hives you want to keep. Generally speaking, the average amount of honey harvested in a year makes money enough to cover the small start-up costs.

So what's keeping you from starting beekeeping? Visit our article Make money from honey for more info...

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We are holding our bee course on the 3 Mar! Any beginner beekeepers are welcome! Register now for our full day bee course with 90min open hive inspection experience!

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