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Taken on 20/10/2010 at Tim Jackson's apiary the Jackson Hive is a pleasure to work with!

Bee Hive History

Bee hives have been around for centuries in different shapes, designs and sizes. It wasn't until the Langstroth bee hive design that the bee hive actually became standardised. There are still many different types of bee hive in use across the world.

The mainstream beehive designs used in South Africa are the Langstroth beehive & Jackson Beehive. The Langstroth Bee hive hasn't been changed much since its first inception in the 1800s. The Jackson bee hive is a plastic food grade hive structure with cleverly designed frames that last much longer than those find in the current design of Langstroth frames.

The Jackson bee hive is much more suited to the tropical, humid conditions found in Southern Africa where it was developed by the Jackson family. They've been involved in beekeeping and organics for over 30 years. The Jackson bee hive is based on the Top Bar hive design with very unique improvements.

The bee hive made beekeeping manageable as before the advent of the bee hive, honey bee colonies would be raided for their golden liquid and usually the colony would be destroyed in the process. This created the need for a manageable method to keep bees, transport them and harvest honey from them without causing damage or destruction to the bee colony.

Not much has changed with regards to the Langstroth design in the last century other than the introduction of innovations such as plastic frames, plastic queen excluders and the like. These are merely modifications of the base design. The Jackson bee hive brings new concepts and a change in approach as to the management and internal workings of the bee colony.

Jackon bee hive photo

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Another close look at the Jackson Beehive...

Bee hive Jackson photo

Jackson Bee hives Now DISCONTINUED!**

**As Tim Jackson passed away a while back and the stock has run out the family has decided to not continue with the product until further notice. **

If you collect then the price is as quoted.

More on the Jackson Bee Hive

The reason many perceive the Jackson bee hive to be more expensive than the Langstroth at first is due to the difference in quoted price and tend to base their decision purely on the price difference. There is a major difference in VOLUME between a single unit of Langstroth Beehives and Jackson Beehives.

The Jackson bee hive holds 25 brood size frames in the hive. Compare this to only 10 brood size frames in the Langstroth bee hive with a mere 10 super frames for honey storage. In essence, the volume of production and storage translates into 10 brood frames followed by 5 full frames from the super chamber (10 super frames divided by half to give a full frame in the brood) and so only 15 Full brood size frames from the Langstroth hive.

The Jackson hive carries an additional 10 full frame volume within its capacity!! Essentially, you, as beekeeper, would need a minimum of 2 more super chambers on top of every Langstroth bee hive you manage to compete with just one Jackson hive. These makes the Jackson hive extremely competitive. We haven't even considered the saving of not having to use a queen excluder which costs R85 as a Langstroth hive accessory.

Do the numbers: A Langstroth hive costs R990 (or $80) assembled plus a queen excluder of R100 (or $8) plus 2 more super chambers at an estimated R400 each (R800 total) in order to match up volume for volume with the Jackson hive. Yet you only pay R790 or $80 for the Jackson hive compared to over R1870 for equivalent in Langstroth hive components & volume.

The Jackson hive is also reported to be much easier to use, much more hygienic for the bees to live in and bees produce more honey in these bee hives. But don't take our word for it, try one for yourself now. Click on Buy now to send in your ORDER!

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Note: Jackson Bee hives are DISCONTINUED!

Jackson hive photo

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